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Azaro is a spirit child. He made a pact with his spirit companions that
when he was born he would die at the first opportunity and rejoin them. But
after his birth, Azaro broke his pact. His spirit companions have so far
sent five spirits to reclaim him, who have failed. Two more are sent and
are the most dangerous of all. In one sense Infinite Riches picks up where
Songs of Enchantment left off. Azaro's father has been implicated in the
murder of a neighbour and Infinite Riches begins with his arrest and
imprisonment. At the same time it introduces a new and enlightening aspect
to the story of Nigeria. The writing is rich with allegorical illusion and
vivid with magical imagery. This is Ben Okri at his inspiring best.

Ben Okri—Infinite Riches

8,00 €Prix
  • 9780753806807
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