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Bruce Wagner has been hailed for his powerful prose, his Swiftian satire,
and the scalpel-sharp wit that has, in each of his novels, dissected and
sometimes disemboweled Hollywood excess. In his most ambitious book to
date, Still Holding, Wagner immerses readers in post-September 11
Hollywood, revealing as much rabid ambition, rampant narcissism, and
unchecked mental illness as ever. He infiltrates the gilded life of a
superstar actor/sex symbol/practicing Buddhist, the compromised world of a
young actress whose big break comes when she's hired to play a corpse on
Six Feet Under, and the strange parallel universe of look-alikes -- an
entire industry in which struggling actors are hired out for parties and
conventions to play their famous counterparts. Alternately hilarious and
heartfelt, ferocious and empathetic, Still Holding is Bruce Wagner's most
expertly calibrated work.

Bruce Wagner—Still Holding

9,00 €Prix
  • 9780743243384
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