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A construction worker is chased through the night by a shady local
businessman whose dog he has stolen; a Wild West re-enactor is engaged in a
long-running affair with the Indian 'squaw' who slays him on the
battlefield every year; a boy is tasked by his father to rid the farm of
cats. Playing out against the rugged backdrop of the untamed West, these
stories are populated by characters who are toughened by life but still
tender enough to bleed, to cry, to care, and to dream. With its taut
plotting and calloused sensibility, Dog Run Moon is written deep in the
American grain, and yet Callan Wink's humour, empathy and layered
storytelling creates a fictional world entirely his own. This remarkable
debut reminds you just how effortlessly powerful good writing can be.

Callan Wink—Dog Run Moon - Stories

19,95 €Prix
  • 9781847088147
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