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Everyone cares about physical performance and the fitness industry offers
an infinite number of solutions to improve it. But who has the best
solution and how do we know if and how it will work for us? After over 15
years of training as an elite gymnast and over a decade of coaching, Coach
Carl Paoli offers a fresh philosophy on training by connecting movement
styles to fit your specific purpose, while also giving you a simple
framework for mastering the basics of any human movement. Freestyle:
Maximize Your Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements is an
interactive way to learn how the body is designed to move through space and
how to interact with our constantly changing surroundings. Using this
framework and four basic movements, Paoli will help you maximize your
efforts in sport and life, regardless of specialty. Despite Carl's
experience as an elite gymnast and a renowned CrossFit coach, this is not a
book about gymnastics, CrossFit, or any specific fitness program. Rather,
it is a unique take on how Carl studies and teaches human movement and how
you can better understand how to move yourself. Carl is not going to teach
you the specifics of a movement or sport; instead, he gives you a template
that you can use to develop any specific movement. For example, instead of
teaching you how to throw a baseball, this book teaches you a universal
foundation that will help you further develop your pitching skills. Human
movement is intuitive, but not always perfect. This book shows you how to:
* Turn on and trust your intuition about movement * Use tools that help
optimize imperfect movement * Tap into the universal movement patterns and
progressions underlying all disciplines * Use Carl Paoli's movement
framework to create roadmaps for your physical success * Learn what being
strong really means Freestyle is a practical manual to develop human
movement regardless of your discipline. It is equally applicable to veteran
athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, people trying to pick up a
new sport, and people who are simply curious about improving their health.
By developing your awareness and learning to see across other disciplines,
you can tailor any training regimen to meet your unique goals.

Carl Paoli, Anthony Sherbondy—Free+Style - Maximize Sport And Life Performance

45,00 €Prix
  • 9781628600209
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