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A humorous and honest account of an ex-pat reporter’s life in the south
west of France. Packed with amusing anecdotes and true stories about the
characters and places of the region. A must for anybody even thinking about
crossing the Channel for the good life in rural France! Every summer
thousands of Brits and other Europeans head to the south west of France for
bliss, beauty and freedom. It’s great for a holiday - but what’s it like to
actually live and work there? That is what reporter Chris Bockman decided
to find out when he set up a Press Agency in Toulouse. His project was
doomed (apparently) - he was constantly told by industry sages that nothing
goes on there out of season. But he soon discovered that the strange
characters, ambitious local politicians, vain sportsmen and yes, badly-
behaving foreigners provided more than enough material to keep newsrooms
happy. There are the politicians preaching the benefits of Brexit while
living a grand life in France. There is also one village in the Pyrenees
where many flock believing when the inevitable end of the world comes, it
will be the sole place that will survive. More stories include treasure-
seekers convinced of a Catholic Church cover-up, the downright dishonest
practices in the truffle markets and other inhabitants of the region who
have included ex-terrorists and murderers on the run. This is an inside
look at the peculiarities of human nature and life on the other side of the
Channel, with characters and places you’ll love, Are You the Foie Gras
Correspondent? is a book for anybody thinking to pull up stakes and moving
to where life is “slower-paced” or has a fascination with the true life in
France’s southern provincial cities and countryside.

Chris Bockman—Are You The Foie Gras Correspondent? - Another Slow News Day In S

14,95 €Prix
  • 9781788034654
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