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From the bestselling author of The Light Years and Marking Time comes a
revealing portrait of a marriage.Moving backward in time from 1950 to 1926,
The Long View presents an unusually revealing portrait on a marriage. It
traces the lives of Antonia and Conrad Fleming through Antonia's eyes as
she looks back on her married life and unravels her choices, good and bad,
and the motivation behind them. She'd opted to surrender many decisions to
her loving, intellectual husband, who'd proved so very adept at designing
their lives down to the most intricate detail. But rather than dissolve
under Conrad's protective auspices, Antonia's own powerful personality rang
clear; it was she who decided for herself the issues of greatest
importance.An uncannily authentic take on marriage from the long view -
both from the outside in and from present to past - Antonia and Conrad
Fleming's story is as extraordinary as it is prosaic, as gut-wrenching as
it is exhilarating. 'A beautifully written and richly perceptive novel.
Miss Howard has a gift for epigrammatic dialogue; she cuts to the heart of
motive or relationship with delicate precision' Daily Telegraph

Elizabeth Jane Howard—Long View

13,50 €Prix
  • 9781447272243
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