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Climate change is not a matter of gradually increasing temperatures. New
scientific findings about how our planet works show that it does not do
gradual change. Under pressure, it lurches into another mode of operation.
Man-made global warming is on the verge of unleashing unstoppable planetary
forces. Biological and geological monsters are being woken, and they will
consume us. Virtually overnight Nature's revenge will be sudden and brutal,
like a climatic tsunami sweeping across the globe. No question, we are the
last generation to live with any kind of climatic stability. In this
impassioned report, Fred Pearce travels the world on the story to end them
all. Most troubling, while visiting the places where the action may start:
deep in the Amazon, high in the Arctic and among the bogs of Siberia, he
uncovers the first signs that nature's revenge is already under way.

Fred Pearce—The Last Generation - How Nature Will Take Her Revenge For Climate

8,00 €Prix
  • 9781903919880
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