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No home library is complete without the classics! H. G. Wells is a keepsake
collection of the author's greatest work to be read and treasured. He was
the first to popularize the concept of time travel. He disturbed--and
fascinated--us with a frightening doctor’s island. He wrote of an invisible
man, of men on the moon, and of a war of the worlds. He has influenced
countless other writers, artists, and even scientists. H. G. Wells is one
of the most acclaimed science fiction writers who ever lived, and five of
his classic tales are collected in this book for readers to treasure. H. G.
Wells includes The Time Machine, The Island of Dr Moreau, The Invisble Man,
The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon, and The Food of the Gods.
Readers new to this remarkable author will delight in these amazing
stories, while fans of Wells will enjoy the insightful introduction by an
expert on the author’s life and work. All will appreciate the leather
cover, gilded edges, printed endpapers, ribbon bookmark, and other features
on this unique gift book. No library is complete without the works of H. G.
Wells, the father of science fiction!

H. G. Wells—H. G. Wells

31,95 €Prix
  • 9781607104964
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