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Haunting, uplifting, beautiful- the final work from Helen Dunmore Helen
Dunmorepassed away in June 2017, leaving behind this remarkable collection
of short stories. With her trademark imagination and gift for making
history human, she explores the fragile ties between passion, love, family,
friendship and grief, often through people facing turning points in their
lives- A girl alone, stretching her meagre budget to feed herself, becomes
aware that the young man who has come to see her may not be as friendly as
he seems. Two womenfrom very different backgrounds enjoy an unusual night
out, finding solace in laughter and an unexpected friendship. A young
manpicks up his infant son and goes outside into a starlit night as he
makes a decision that will inform the rest of his life. A womanimprisoned
for her religion examines her faith in a seemingly literal and quietly
original way. This brilliant collection of Helen Dunmore's short fiction,
replete with her penetrating insight into the human condition, is certain
to delight and move all her readers.

Helen Dunmore—Girl, Balancing

12,95 €Prix
  • 9781786090515
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