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Boasting a veritable menagerie of characters, including dancing
instructors, pies, and talking parrots, and written in the Franco-Italian
storytelling tradition, The Three Fat Men is considered an absolute
endorsement of the Communist regime. Revolution is brewing outside the
palace walls, and the three fat men who rule the land with an iron fist are
getting fatter as the news gets worse. Led by the tightrope walker Tibul,
the revolutionary forces, made up of ordinary citizens and the palace
guard, embark on a mission to rescue Prospero the gunsmith from his
imprisonment in the tyrants’ zoo, and to save the life of brave young
circus girl Suok, who has been unmasked from her disguise as the favorite
doll of the childless men’s heir, Tutti.

Iurii Olesha—The Three Fat Men - A Fairytale

11,50 €Prix
  • 9781843914525
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