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Homeland Security agent, Kit Steel, is committed to avenge terrorism. And
she's after the blood of her nemesis, one of world's most ruthless and
dangerous criminals, Vincente Carpio. He has the blood of her husband and
young son on his hands, and Kit is unwavering in her determination to see
him kept behind bars forever. Clever, calculating, and manipulative, Carpio
has aid and influence on the outside, and he's waiting for the perfect
moment when the final pieces of the jigsaw fall into place. Harbour Union
chief, Cormack McConnell, has lived his life close to the wire above and
below the law, and he controls everything that happens on Boston's
waterfront. Someone wants him out of the way, fast. After he narrowly
survives a brutal attack on his bar, The Mariner, complications arise when
Cormack believes he's been betrayed by one of his crew - a young man, Buddy
Cavanaugh, who he's shocked to discover is the love of his precious
nineteen-year-old daughter, Diamond. Everyone has a game to play until it
becomes apparent that there are much darker, far-reaching forces of evil at
work which look to be preparing for the international stage. What follows
is a gripping race against time, a rollercoaster action-packed story with
international terrorism at its core and family at its heart.

Jack Flynn—Blood In The Water

10,00 €Prix
  • 9781447298298
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