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This newly-revised edition-originally published in 1973-of the haiku Jack
Kerouac, Albert Saijo, and Lew Welch jotted down on the road from San
Francisco to New York in 1959, are dense, earthy incarnations of life on
the road: A coral colored Cadillac/ in Texas/ Threw gravel all over us,/
our beat jeep/ -Our windshield is nicked/ but our eyes/ are/ CLEAR...
Albert recounts their November trip in Lew's Jeepster, making the big city
scene, visiting Jack's home in Northport on Long Island, and the long drive
back west. The book also includes letters to Kerouac from Lew Welch in

Jack Kerouac, Albert Saijo, Lew Welch—Trip Trap - Haiku Along The Road From San

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  • 9780912516042
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