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The second novel in the gripping supernatural thriller series from
international bestselling author Jodi Taylor. Betrayed, terrified and
alone, Elizabeth Cage has fled her home. With no plan and no friends, she
arrives at the picturesque village of Greyston and finds herself involved
in an ages-old ceremony that will end in death. And that might be the least
of her problems - the Sorensen Institute would very much like to know her
whereabouts. And Michael Jones is still out there, somewhere, she hopes. No
matter how far and how fast she can run, trouble will always find Elizabeth
Cage. Readers love Jodi Taylor: 'Jodi Taylor does brilliant, strong female
heroes, and Elizabeth follows on from Max in the St Mary's series' 'I look
forward to another adventure with this quirky and perfectly matched pair'
'Hold on to your seat and close your eyes if you dare!' 'Gripping and full
of curious plot turns' 'An on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller where no
assumptions can be made'

Jodi Taylor—Dark Light

13,95 €Prix
  • 9781472264213
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