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With his counter-novel Hopscotch and his unforgettable short stories,
Julio Cortázar earned a place among the most innovative authors of the
twentieth century. Hopscotch follows the adventures of an Argentinean
writer living in Paris with his lover and a circle of bohemian friends, and
consists of 155 short chapters that the author advises us to read out of
order. Blow-Up brings together the most famous of Cortázar's short fiction
--stories where invisible beasts stalk children in their homes, where a man
reading a mystery finds out that he is the murderer's intended victim. In
Cortázar's work, laws of nature, physics, and narrative all fall away,
leaving us with an astonishing new view of the world.

Julio Cortazar—Hopscotch And Blow-Up

20,95 €Prix
  • 9781841593647
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