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It's the eve of her wedding to Nicholas Young, heir to one of the greatest
fortunes in Asia, and Rachel Chu should be over the moon. She has a
flawless Asscher-cut diamond from JAR, a wedding dress plucked from the
best salon in Paris, and a fiancé willing to sacrifice his entire
inheritance in order to marry her. But Rachel still mourns the fact that
the father she never knew won't be there to walk her down the aisle ...
until a shocking revelation draws Rachel into a world of Shanghai splendor
beyond anything she has ever imagined. A romp through Asia's most exclusive
clubs, auction houses, and estates, China Rich Girlfriend brings us into
the elite circles of Mainland China and offers an inside glimpse at what
it's like to be gloriously, crazily China rich.

Kevin Kwan—China Rich Girlfriend

6,00 €Prix
  • 9781101973394
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