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For readers of Tommy Orange, Yaa Gyasi, and Jhumpa Lahiri, an electrifying
debut novel about three unforgettable characters who seek to rise--to the
middle class, to political power, to fame in the movies--and find their
lives entangled in the wake of a catastrophe in contemporary India. Jivan
is a Muslim girl from the slums, determined to move up in life, who is
accused of executing a terrorist attack on a train because of a careless
comment on Facebook. PT Sir is an opportunistic gym teacher who hitches his
aspirations to a right-wing political party, and finds that his own ascent
becomes linked to Jivan's fall. Lovely--an irresistible outcast whose
exuberant voice and dreams of glory fill the novel with warmth and hope and
humor--has the alibi that can set Jivan free, but it will cost her
everything she holds dear. Taut, symphonic, propulsive, and riveting from
its opening lines, A Burning has the force of an epic while being so
masterfully compressed it can be read in a single sitting. Majumdar writes
with dazzling assurance at a breakneck pace on complex themes that read
here as the components of a thriller: class, fate, corruption, justice, and
what it feels like to face profound obstacles and yet nurture big dreams in
a country spinning toward extremism. An extraordinary debut.

Megha Majumdar—A Burning

  • 9780593214763
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