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Celia Sánchez is the missing actor of the Cuban Revolution. Although not as
well known in the English-speaking world as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara,
Sánchez played a pivotal role in launching the revolution and administering
the revolutionary state. She joined the clandestine 26th of July Movement
and went on to choose the landing site of the Granma and fight with the
rebels in the Sierra Maestra. She collected the documents that would form
the official archives of the revolution, and, after its victory, launched
numerous projects that enriched the lives of many Cubans, from parks to
literacy programs to helping develop the Cohiba cigar brand. All the while,
she maintained a close relationship with Fidel Castro that lasted until her
death in 1980. The product of ten years of original research, this
biography draws on interviews with Sánchez’s friends, family, and comrades
in the rebel army, along with countless letters and documents. Biographer
Nancy Stout was initially barred from the official archives, but, in a
remarkable twist, was granted access by Fidel Castro himself, impressed as
he was with Stout’s project and aware that Sánchez deserved a worthy
biography. This is the extraordinary story of an extraordinary woman who
exemplified the very best values of the Cuban Revolution: selfless
dedication to the people, courage in the face of grave danger, and the
desire to transform society.

Nancy Stout—One Day in December - Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution

  • 9781583673171
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