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The University, a renowned bastion of knowledge, attracts the brightest
minds to unravel the mysteries of enlightened sciences like artificing and
alchemy. Yet deep below its bustling halls lies a complex and cavernous
maze of abandoned rooms and ancient passageways - and in the heart of it
all lives Auri. Formerly a student at the University, now Auri spends her
days tending the world around her. She has learned that some mysteries are
best left settled and safe. No longer fooled by the sharp rationality so
treasured by the University, Auri sees beyond the surface of things, into
subtle dangers and hidden names. At once joyous and haunting, THE SLOW
REGARD OF SILENT THINGS is a rich, atmospheric and lyrical tale, featuring
one of the most beloved characters from Rothfuss' acclaimed fantasy series.

Patrick Rothfuss—The Slow Regard Of Silent Things

11,95 €Prix
  • 9781473209336
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