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It is 1938 and Sigmund Freud, suffering from the debilitating effects of
cancer, has been permitted by the Nazis to leave Vienna. He seeks refuge in
England, taking up residence in the house in Hampstead in which he will die
only fifteen months later. But his last months are made vivid by the
arrival of a stranger, who comes and goes according to Freud's state of
health. Who is the mysterious visitor and why has he come to tell the famed
proponent of the Oedipus complex his strange story?Set partly in pre-war
London and partly in ancient Greece, WHERE THREE ROADS MEETS is as
brilliantly compelling as it is moving. Former psychoanalyst and acclaimed
novelist Salley Vickers revisits a crime committed long ago which still has
disturbing reverberations for us all.

Salley Vickers—Where Three Roads Meet

8,00 €Prix
  • 9781847670724
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