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At seventy-three years young, #1 New York Times bestselling author and
health guru Suzanne Somers has established herself as a leading voice on
antiaging. With A New Way to Age, she takes things a step further to
present a revolutionary philosophy for a longer and better quality life—in
the form of easy-to-understand lessons and doctor interviews that will make
you feel like you’ve just had the best checkup of your life. There is a new
way to age. I’m doing it and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I love
this stage of my life: I have ‘juice,’ joy, wisdom, and perspective; I have
energy, vitality, clearheadedness, and strong bones. Most of us are far too
comfortable with the present paradigm of aging, which normalizes pills,
nursing homes, and “the big three”: heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s
disease. But you don’t have to accept this fate. Now there’s a new way to
grow older—with vibrancy, freedom, confidence, and a rockin’ libido. This
health bible from Suzanne Somers will explain how to stop aging like your
parents and embrace cutting-edge techniques such as: balancing nutritional
and mineral deficiencies; detoxifying your gut for weight loss; pain
management with non-THC cannabis instead of harmful opioids; and much more.
Aging well is mainly about the choices you make on a daily basis. It can be
a fantastic process if you approach it wisely. After a lifetime of
research, Suzanne came to a simple conclusion: what you lose in the aging
process must be replaced with natural alternatives. In order to thrive you
have to rid your body of chemicals and toxins. Start aging the new way
today by joining Suzanne and her trailblazing doctors as they all but
unearth the fountain of youth.

Suzanne Somers—A New Way To Age - The Most Cutting-Edge Advances In Antiaging

28,00 €Prix
  • 9781982110949
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