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This city is for yearning. In the rain, a girl weeps against the glass wall
of a bar. In the streets of Greenwich Village, women crowd around the
velvet ropes of a nightclub. In the morning, a girl lies against her
lover's breast.The stories of a life are cut and colored by the stories
we've heard: the man who betrayed me, the first woman to touch her, the
mother who never loved you. But it takes more than one genre to tell the
truth of these days and nights, when the only constraints on a girl's
pleasure are her own mind and body.The Splintered Day is a novel about
love, identity and the cross-currents of desire. A modern Emma Bovary, it
introduces a distinctive, new voice in fiction.

V. K. Mina—The Splintered Day

15,50 €Prix
  • 9781852424527
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